In Between The Lines

I was a reader and he was my favourite writer. He talked about constellations and binary stars, relating them with his muse and his love for her. I longed to be her. Everytime he wrote a new poetry, I would compare myself with her short, curly hair, Irritating her bouncy, soft skin and kissing her [...]


Shining Dimly

The spilling coffee and the stained bed sheet remind me of my soul. It's there, inside me. I can feel it but at times, in the darkest of nights, it leaves me. I don't know where it goes. Maybe it travels to the moon or maybe it secretly catch your glimpse. But it's absence creates [...]

His Muse

In a place filled with golden lights and posh decorations with people dancing in their best gowns and suits, his faded, ripped jeans and deep, eerie eyes caught my attention. Call it a coincidence or destiny but we both reached the banayan tree at the same time. I was running away from the world I [...]

Rhyme and Rythm

Messy hair and broken smile, that's how I remember seeing him for the first time. His habit of always trying to be a superhero never went away. It still puts him in trouble at times. I always thought that he was an egoistic guy who always puts his nose in other's business but as he [...]

This time

There wasn't much attachement left. You were there and I was here, miles of thorns growing on the desert that separated us. But still the midnight sun connected our floating dreams And I saw you there, beneath that same lamp post we met last time. But this time, there were no tears and goodbyes. This [...]

The Painter

He was the heater to my cold soul, He was the mutli coloured crayons, Filling the colours in my hollow picture. He painted my eyes with purple and blue shade, saying that it was like the sky, filled with infinite hopes and dreams. He painted my cheeks with yellow and orange shades, Telling me that [...]