In Between The Lines

I was a reader and he was my favourite writer. He talked about constellations and binary stars, relating them with his muse and his love for her. I longed to be her. Everytime he wrote a new poetry, I would compare myself with her short, curly hair, Irritating her bouncy, soft skin and kissing her [...]


Shining Dimly

The spilling coffee and the stained bed sheet remind me of my soul. It's there, inside me. I can feel it but at times, in the darkest of nights, it leaves me. I don't know where it goes. Maybe it travels to the moon or maybe it secretly catch your glimpse. But it's absence creates [...]

His Muse

In a place filled with golden lights and posh decorations with people dancing in their best gowns and suits, his faded, ripped jeans and deep, eerie eyes caught my attention. Call it a coincidence or destiny but we both reached the banayan tree at the same time. I was running away from the world I [...]


Her coffee coloured eyes didn't change its colour, yet today they told a different story, unlike before, today they had a tinge of sadness mixed with pale, yellow leaves. Usually, it reminded him of the fire that stars burn with but today, all he could see was grey ashes. Even though she was laying beside [...]

Dancing droplets

Lost in a void filled with darkness, I suddenly hear the sound of raindrops hitting the window, taking away all the dust with them. I look out of the window at the city which was bustling just a few minutes ago. It was all quite now, no voices heard, just the noise of rain hitting [...]


She stood in front of him in her uniform with a discreet smile on her face and a shine that he never noticed before. He tried to trace the connection between the woman he was looking at right now and the girl he had left a long time back. They were exactly same yet different. [...]

This time

There wasn't much attachement left. You were there and I was here, miles of thorns growing on the desert that separated us. But still the midnight sun connected our floating dreams And I saw you there, beneath that same lamp post we met last time. But this time, there were no tears and goodbyes. This [...]