His Muse

In a place filled with golden lights and posh decorations with people dancing in their best gowns and suits, his faded, ripped jeans and deep, eerie eyes caught my attention. Call it a coincidence or destiny but we both reached the banayan tree at the same time. I was running away from the world I [...]


Dark Sunshine

Under the Eucalyptus tree, they talked all night, not always with their eyes. He answered many of her unasked questions with his twinkling, dark brown eyes. He told her about his childhood and how he was the only and most loved child in his family. He was the oldest child in his family and she [...]

Black Hole

Things had changed, she knew but she expected some relations to stay the same. She was hurt and she wanted to scream and tell everyone about it but her old habit of keeping everything inside, was destroying her. She wanted to let it all out. She wanted to call someone and tell all about her [...]

Maybe (Revisited)

Maybe we will meet someday after a long time in a different city or in a different country. Maybe we'll break into each other and with a smile say 'hello'. Maybe we'll plan to go out for dinner and I'll try to look my best for it. Maybe we'll start with some wine and talk [...]

Forbidden Fruit

He stood in the queue, patiently waiting for his turn to come. Before her, a tall, slim woman was standing in a saree. She had long, brownish hair. He could only see her back. She resembled the one whose thoughts made his heart beat fast. She was standing with a small boy of two years. [...]