Tale of Books

Shy smiles and naughty looks was something they shared in their lunch breaks. With a bundle of books lying on his table, he'd look up only when she would arrive with her long, wavy hair flowing and just a tad bit of lipstick, making her look effortless. He'd try to get a glimpse of her [...]


Rhyme and Rythm

Messy hair and broken smile, that's how I remember seeing him for the first time. His habit of always trying to be a superhero never went away. It still puts him in trouble at times. I always thought that he was an egoistic guy who always puts his nose in other's business but as he [...]

Morning Coffee

She tried to untangle the long, confused wires of the messed up relations she had with world and its people. She looked at the hanging memories on the wall and wondered about number of times she thought that this one would last. The smell of morning coffee surrounded her and she poured it into the [...]

The Richest Man

The day finally came. She looked into his dark brown eyes with a tint of greyishness in them and she felt tears welling inside her. She wanted to stay here forever but she knew she had to leave. This was the last day. She remembered the first time she saw him and his house. She [...]


As she pulled her trolley ahead of her, her soul felt stuck in this small town. Getting out of here seemed impossible. This little town was all she had, was all she ever saw, was all she had ever been. This place was her home yet it had started suffocating her. In a way, she [...]


He was dancing with someone new while she was staring at her phone. She saw them dance together with his hands down her waist and huge smiles on their faces. She pretended to text someone and be busy but her mind was only watching him and his new girl. Maybe this new girl had taken [...]


When she came out of the hospital, she saw cars moving, people talking, life going on in a very normal way. Her life had stopped but everyone else's seemed to be going on pretty well. She wondered if she mattered to anyone or not. Would anyone cry or just be unhappy to find her dead? [...]