He's there in every one of my dreams. Under the fold of the curtains and in the dust particles that I can see through the canopy of the tree, I see his reflection surrounding me. It brings goosebumps at times but now, it generally brings a sense of comfort. His presence around me feels like [...]


This time

There wasn't much attachement left. You were there and I was here, miles of thorns growing on the desert that separated us. But still the midnight sun connected our floating dreams And I saw you there, beneath that same lamp post we met last time. But this time, there were no tears and goodbyes. This [...]


As round and round his fingers went on her skin, She took a deep breath, And in that breath, she thought about all the people she was hurting, All the hearts she was breaking. The consequences, they don't seem so bad right now, The people, they don't seem to matter right now. All the words, [...]


Black eyes and white shirt, it was the combination that she couldn't resist. Forgetting her past and ignoring the future, she decided to listen to those water droplets that was screaming those strange yet familiar words. As each drop of water touched her moist, dark skin, she went deeper into the vaccum of his memories [...]


It wasn't a starry night nor that cool breeze was flowing. Honestly, the temprature was humid and both of them couldn't have been more sweaty. The moon wasn't shining. It was hiding behind those dark clouds, maybe it was afraid that someone would capture its light, would find its deepest secret if he showed them [...]

Northern Star

Bringing me down, everytime I got high. She was my sober pills when my mind was drunk in the victories of yesterday. Forward was the direction she always asked me to move in. For me, she was the barrier between right and wrong that forbid me to cross those limits. She was the string that [...]