Falling leaves

He held her in his arms tightly. The weakness that he was trying to hide was quite apparent to her. He could smell the same pineapple like smell that he was always came with him. She looked in his lush green forest like eyes that hid a pain in them that she couldn't ignore. She [...]



He boldly held her cold hand, Filling the blank void inside her with rainbow of memories. The black and white seemed to have faded away, She was standing in the grey area now. Between the right and wrong, There was this middle place that seemed to have become her home. Like feather of a white [...]


As round and round his fingers went on her skin, She took a deep breath, And in that breath, she thought about all the people she was hurting, All the hearts she was breaking. The consequences, they don't seem so bad right now, The people, they don't seem to matter right now. All the words, [...]


With dreamy eyes and perfect words, He had her attention all by himself. There were words that didn't make sense And feelings that didn't seem to adjust their situation. "Why does it always have to end?", she asks herself again and again. With broken promises and failed romance, he said good night for the last [...]


In the middle of all the chaos and fighting, we tell each other that its over. We can't work like this. Our fights were getting deeper day by day. Insecurity and trust issues had become the monsters, shooting arrows at the little thing we call love which was shieldless and it didn't have enough strength [...]

The Storm

While talking about hate and love, the dragon sleeping in her awakened to capture the flying princess. The deep dark brown eyes turned into shiny, green ones as soon as the clock struck two and she heard his husky voice. Now, whatever she said or was going to say would be as involuntary as the [...]