He's there in every one of my dreams. Under the fold of the curtains and in the dust particles that I can see through the canopy of the tree, I see his reflection surrounding me. It brings goosebumps at times but now, it generally brings a sense of comfort. His presence around me feels like [...]


Rhyme and Rythm

Messy hair and broken smile, that's how I remember seeing him for the first time. His habit of always trying to be a superhero never went away. It still puts him in trouble at times. I always thought that he was an egoistic guy who always puts his nose in other's business but as he [...]

Autumn Leaves

The radiating warmth of his body brought the calmness my soul so badly needed. His hands were rough but they were the only ones who would have stopped me from shivering. His eyes were like autumn leaves with a shade of darkness in them. I had wandered in that darkness a lot of times but [...]


Her coffee coloured eyes didn't change its colour, yet today they told a different story, unlike before, today they had a tinge of sadness mixed with pale, yellow leaves. Usually, it reminded him of the fire that stars burn with but today, all he could see was grey ashes. Even though she was laying beside [...]

Dancing droplets

Lost in a void filled with darkness, I suddenly hear the sound of raindrops hitting the window, taking away all the dust with them. I look out of the window at the city which was bustling just a few minutes ago. It was all quite now, no voices heard, just the noise of rain hitting [...]


She stood in front of him in her uniform with a discreet smile on her face and a shine that he never noticed before. He tried to trace the connection between the woman he was looking at right now and the girl he had left a long time back. They were exactly same yet different. [...]


She tries to believe the words he says with a charming smile on his face, But his perfect dimples makes it all unreal for her. Crying and whining, listening to sad stories, being the shoulder to cry on, She was bored of all this. She was cutting off her pieces to be a bandange to [...]