Tale of Books

Shy smiles and naughty looks was something they shared in their lunch breaks. With a bundle of books lying on his table, he’d look up only when she would arrive with her long, wavy hair flowing and just a tad bit of lipstick, making her look effortless. He’d try to get a glimpse of her without her noticing but she did notice and kept it a secret. He was a hot nerd with curly hair and sharp jaw bone while she was the bubbly girl who looked quite clićhe from appearance but he knew that there was something deeper. Through fate they met and went out for coffee. They didn’t talk about love or relationships or life but they talked about books. He was a fan of Khaled Hosseini and John Green while she loved Dan Brown and Cassandra Claire. It was a weird combination just like pickle and popcorn but somehow, it fit perfectly just like square peg in a round hole. In just two hours of talking about books, they understood each other better than their close ones did.

“Your wildest fantasy?” He once asked.

“A happily ever after,” she replied, showing a reflection of the mysterious darkness in her.

The forever was unclear but they found new interests for themselves. She started reading Pride and Prejudice while he read Hamlet.


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