Falling leaves

He held her in his arms tightly. The weakness that he was trying to hide was quite apparent to her. He could smell the same pineapple like smell that he was always came with him. She looked in his lush green forest like eyes that hid a pain in them that she couldn’t ignore. She couldn’t see the same twinkle in them that she saw for the first time. They had turned soft with a huge wall guarding all his emotions. They were a little watery this time with all their memories gleaming in those drops. He had heard her talking about leaving many times but he never imagined that one day she’ll actually pack her bags and that day he’ll shatter like the glass, into infinite fragments. He tried to keep himself together but how could he wave with a smile when there was no good in this goodbye. She was the coffee to her mug and the tree to his falling leaves. She was the protagonist to hus story and what could he do when she was leaving her ‘for good’ (as she liked to say it). ‘This girl will be a poison,’ his friends said to him a long time ago. He had no problem with her toxicity. She was his brand of poison that he couldn’t resist. Now, the toxicity level had crossed its limit. It was moving in his veins. It was there in every cell of his body. Now, it was time to stop his beating heart. It was time to crack it open. And as the plane departed to touch the clouds, the lub-dub sound just didn’t come from his heart anymore. The doctors called it myocardial infraction but the truth was he just needed that pineapple like smell around him.


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