He’s there in every one of my dreams. Under the fold of the curtains and in the dust particles that I can see through the canopy of the tree, I see his reflection surrounding me. It brings goosebumps at times but now, it generally brings a sense of comfort. His presence around me feels like the vapours rising from a hot cup of coffee with that bitter sweet aroma bringing that lost home to me. I feel like a nomad most of the time, travelling to different cities finding my belongingness. But my definition of home was lost in the flames of those woods in which his body lay, still, motionless. From east to west, north to south, I’ve packed my bags a hundred times in search of the same twinkle that I saw in his dark green forest like eyes. I long to wander again in those deep, dark forests and I want to get lost in the melody of crickets and bugs. But at times, I feel the same warmth hugging me, bringing back those tall, green trees back to me. In that moment, all the rhymes and poetries come back to me and once again, I wander in the errieness of his eyes and that’s when the fresh oxygen reaches my lungs, purifying all the toxicity left in me.


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