Autumn Leaves

The radiating warmth of his body brought the calmness my soul so badly needed. His hands were rough but they were the only ones who would have stopped me from shivering. His eyes were like autumn leaves with a shade of darkness in them. I had wandered in that darkness a lot of times but this time I wanted to settle in it. Forever wasn’t the word I believed in but this time I wanted the moments like these to be like the fairytales I’d always read, the one that ended with a happily ever after. He kissed me on the temple, most probably for the last time and stood up with his bags all packed. He went ahead while I was standing at my place, looking for the warmth to stop this storm inside me. He stopped for a moment. I knew he wanted to look back but he took a deep breath and went ahead because he knew how much I hated fairytales and those happy endings. They just seem too cliche to me. For a second I wished he would have looked back but then I would’ve settled in that darkness, never being able to get over it. With a strong, bitter coffee, I understood that my autumn has ended.


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