Forbidden Fruit

He stood in the queue, patiently waiting for his turn to come. Before her, a tall, slim woman was standing in a saree. She had long, brownish hair. He could only see her back. She resembled the one whose thoughts made his heart beat fast. She was standing with a small boy of two years. She was sweating a lot. The silk saree was not letting the air touch her body. And the constant crying of her son, obviously, gave her headache.

‘Shhh….don’t cry, honey. It’s okay’, she said, trying to stop his babies constant crying. It had been almost three years but he didn’t forgot the honeyed voice that had always put a smile on his face. His face lit up for a second to see her and he was going to call her name. But he stopped and took a step backward.

The smile on his face was overcome by a sadness of the past. He wanted to talk to her, see her face, hug her, touch her but he knew he couldn’t shouldn’t. The brightness in his face was lost. He had just turned to leave when he heard his name being called. He looked back with a startled face. He looked at her dark brown, mysterious eyes that once used to be happy. Her face was same as three years ago, the only thing changed was her dress-up.

They both looked at each other and there was a downpour of sentiments in there hearts. For seconds, they looked at each other without a word. They didn’t knew what to say nor they wanted to say anything. They just wanted to look at each other without disturbing the calmative stillness. ‘Ummm….Hi!’, she said breaking the soothing silence. ‘Hi!’, he replied.

Suddenly, the child in her hands started crying. She looked at the kid and tried to calm him down. ‘Is this your kid’, he asked in a very thick voice. ‘Uh-huh’, she said wondering about the thoughts going on in his mind. ‘Where’s your husband’, he asked. ‘He is…umm…working’, she said. Her voice clearly showed a lot of nervousness. There were a lot of emotions but none were expressed and he left without saying anymore.

His heart wanted him to stop but he knew that he needed to leave. He would be breaking his vow if he went back. So he left. And with his every step, the distance between him and the forbidden fruit grew.



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