The Ending

girl-leaving-boy-sad.jpg‘We need to end this’, he said in a very mild, hushed tone. His eyes were facing downwards to the sand because her eyes couldn’t face her. If he looked up, she would’ve understood his feelings and might had refused to go.

‘What do you mean?’, she asked in a quite startled tone afraid to hear what she was thinking. But her fears came true. ‘We should end our relationship’, he said with his head still bowed. ‘I don’t understand. Why? What has happened to you? We were going to leave the day after tomorrow. What has happened so suddenly?’, she asked with his heart beating thousand times per minute.

‘If we leave, a lot of people are bound to get hurt. People who are close to us, whom we love. This….can be prejudicial for a lot of people.’, he said. ‘Oh! Hell with everyone. They didn’t care about my feelings when they gave my hand to someone else. I love you. Aren’t we going to get hurt too’, she was sniveling by now.

‘I know but we’ll live with it. What about others….your parents? You know they’re never going to forgive us. We’ve to curb this right now’, he said. ‘I don’t care about them’, she replied. ‘But you do’, he said with his hand on his chest, trying to decrease his pain.

They didn’t said anything for a long while and sat there in silence. He was thinking about all those old days with such beautiful memories. He thought about the time when he proposed her and how happy he was when she said yes. But every happiness had to end and this was it, the end.

She got up and left without saying anymore. There was so much to say but she didn’t feel like saying anything… matter what she said, it wouldn’t had any effect oh his decision. While walking towards the road, she looked back for one last time, hoping he would be calling her but he sat on the wall with his head bowed, looking at sand.

She knew that he was lying. They couldn’t live with the pain. They were already dead. The only thing left was a robotic mind with some bones and flesh. Their soul had died the moment she left.


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