The busy day had tired her whole body but her mind was still working, even though she wanted it not to. Her eyes shut its window but sleep refused to touch them and bring its peace along. Sleep had abandoned her eyes since a long while but still she takes so many journeys to obtain that one thing that every other person seems to have but instead she gets lost in the darkness of woods and enter the forbidden area which scares her the most. She thinks about life and death but most of all she thinks about the past. She tries to repair the unrepairable. She thinks about her relationships, figures out herself. The whole day she works but at night her demons come out. A storm of emotions reaches her heart and she feels everything in just a second. She feels jealousy, happiness, sadness, and many other things. She thinks about the people she loves or once loved. Are they happy without her or misses her? She thinks about the forbidden fruit that she tasted so many times and then vowed to leave it the day she was caught. Her mind went through many things but ended on the same person again and again. She would pick up her phone and check out the recent photos of him in social media. It was hard to believe that he had changed so much but her feelings didn’t. She wanted to know who was the girl standing next to him in his most recent pics. Was she his girlfriend or just a friend or maybe a cousin? She thought about him a lot and how she left her hometown just to get away from him. She thought that everything will get over once she is away from him. Now, she was 13000 km away from him but nothing changed. Time didn’t help either. But over the years, she learned to accept the reality just the way it is. At times, there are somethings one can’t change and this is one of them. So, she captures all her demons and lock them in the deserted box. But she knows that the next evening will soon come and the box will open again.


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