As I walk down the lane,

snow started falling on me.

The sun had disappeared between the clouds,

leaving a darkness in the weather and my heart.

The white, feather like structure started touching my bare hands.

The sensation of coolness was felt by my body

but my mind was busy in something else.

Everyone took out their umbrellas and gloves,

but I was here walking alone without any coat or scarf.

Everybody wondered about me

but my mind was wandering somewhere else.

The cold, shivering wind touched my face

determined to make me ill.

But my stupid mind still haven’t came back from its dream.

Suddenly, I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks

and my chest started paining.

It was my heart’s agony that kept my mind so busy

that it couldn’t feel the coldness of the weather

which had made my hands and legs numb.

The long, big pine trees laughed at my broken heart

and felt happy that they didn’t had to suffer through this.

I kept on strolling in the wilderness of his heart,

with the white snow falling on me

and I wandered about the same park

which had turned white as a moonlit sail

And I ambled till the snow stopped falling.

My whole body was shivering like a leaf,

when I reached home.

Only if my heart could be so cold,

it wouldn’t feel any heartbreak, agony

if it were so.

Because my heart’s pain would culminates

if it were freezing like me.



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