femisism-redefinedYou try to put me down

You try to rule over me

You think you are stronger

You think I am weaker

You think you are my soveriegn

I should heed to what you say

Cause you are sturdy

I did as you said for a prolonged time

But not anymore

I’m not going to be a vassal anymore

I’m going to fight against you,

oppose to such inequality.

I’ll do what I feel is ethical.

I’m not fragile like a flower.

I’m as rugged and resilient as you are.

I can compete with you in anything and everything.

I don’t need you as my shield.

I can fight on my own….for myself.

You think that I can’t do anything without you

Well, look how far I’ve come without your succour.

My attainments are touching the welkin,

and still you think that I’m just a nobody,

A person made to polish your boots.

I’m as good as you are.

I have equal right to give,

to take,

to make decisions in every thing… matter how small it is.

I’m not fragile like a flower

I’m as strong as you are.

I’m disparate from you ,

but not subservient.

My job is not to delight and gladden you and look pleasing at all times.

I’m here to live for myself.

And I will live with my head raised,

without any inequity from your side.

Because I’m not fragile like a flower,

I’m as strong as you are.


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