The Imperfect You


I knew a unique girl who was different from everyone. She was the kind of girl who always did what she liked. She didn’t go with the crowd…she did what she actually wanted to do. She didn’t care about being popular or beautiful….she was just busy living her life her own way. She lived the way she wanted and was very contended with her life.

Many of us try to be popular, try to fit in but why? Is changing yourselves for others really worth it? I don’t know doesn’t seem worth to me. We try to hide our true selves from the world thinking that our true selves are too imperfect to be shown but truly I think all those small things that make you imperfect are actually the ones that make you perfect. They are the real jewels that should be valued and cherished.

There are so many people who wake up and look in the mirror thinking,”I wish I would be like that girl. She is just so perfect. I wish I looked as gorgeous as her”. But I think that perfection is way overrated. I think it is boring and mundane. I want to go beyond perfection.

I think it doesn’t matter how people see you and how they think about you. It matters how you see yourself and how you think about yourselves. There are so many people who will label you, who will tell you that you are just not good enough but truly you should know that you are as good as anyone can be and there is no need of changing yourself just because someone else feels that you are not good enough.


We should not be afraid to show ourselves, be ourselves. We shouldn’t care about how others see us. We wear tight clothes, uncomfortable ones just because they look beautiful and are in trend but I feel that trend starts with us. Why do we always do what others do?Why do we always behave how others expect us to behave? I think it’s time we unleash ourselves and give ourselves freedom to be what what and how we want to.

The person who lives the way they like, cherishing their imperfections, has the most contended and beautiful life in the world. We all are in a race to become perfect but in the race we forget ourselves.

I think we should be like Phoebe (from FRIENDS). She was weird but she wasn’t afraid to show it.She lived her life the way she liked and that made her so special. It’s okay to be weird and crazy till the time it makes you feel yourself.The person who loves you and actually care about you will love the way you are. They will accept the way you are and if they can’t then they are not worth being with. I think it’s time that we stop living the life that others made for us and find ourselves in this big, wide world.


20 thoughts on “The Imperfect You

  1. You saw my new blog post and told me that you loved it. Thanks for that. Hit the star if you think it deserves. Now, coming to your blog I just loved it! 😊 For me perfection varies with respect to time & people. So the one whom you think perfect now, may seem completely distraughted after few years. Or the person whom you think is perfect, may not be perfect enough for me. So, perfection is nothing but a point of view which changes with the point that you are viewing from. So literally I loved your piece & keep it up! ❤ 😊

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  2. Wonderful thought! Perfectionism is a self destructive thought. In fact many researchers have shown that perfectionism hampers success!! It requires comparisons and competitions . One should compete with his or her own self . Your today should be better than yesterday and your tomorrow should be better than today. We should teach ourselves to be a better person every new day. This does not mean not bothering about other’s feelings or be indifferent to people around us. Our lives are made up of each and every living or non- living thing around, especially our family and friends. We are integral parts of each other.

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  3. This post can make someone’s bad day a good day. This can motivate them to come out of all hindraces and live their life their own way.
    Keep posting👌

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